What do we do

Fast2Market has a many years of experience in working with other companies and partners in the area of sales services, project purchase services and new business development. Below in short about our expertise. you can visit in pages in the menu for more extensive reading on experiences and methods.

Sales Services

Products or services need to be sold and this does not happen automatic. It has always been this way and it will always stay that way, whether it is face to face, personal selling or through a webshop. You want to manage your sales and control it as much as you can.

We have more than 15 years of experience in personal sales, direct sales, event sales. We will tell you all about it.

Purchasing Services

Direct from the factories. We cannot tell you enough: also your company can buy directly from the factories, you just need to know how. And you can even start small! Use our experience, we are willing to share. The costs that you will safe is huge and the fee that you pay us is fair.

The only difference is, we take out the middle man. The quality is the same, it is the same product.

Factory visits

This is very interesting. What if you buy your products through us and we take you to the factory to actually see your products being manufactured. Or if you don't have time, we are happy to do it for you and give you live updates through video and you can see your products at the assembly line at that moment. That is a unique experience, just think this through..

Nowadays it is very easy to work with the modern tools in our phones. Let's use them. Use them to update you, to check the quality and get involved.

Shipping Services

We have contacts with several shipping agencies and we can arrange shipping world-wide for you.

Shipping is about timing, pricing, documenting, coding & warranty. but also about planning and control. We are registered with several shipping agencies in the Netherlands and China. Interesting to know, shipping costs are likely to change on a daily basis and can vary quite a lot per agency. Sometimes it is better to use a Chinese Forwarder, sometimes it is better to use one from Europe.

About us

FAST2MARKET has based its key business strategy on servicing in the B2B International Business environment. We have many years of experience in working with multinationals and smaller companies, to achieve their goals in new sales and new business opportunities.

Factories and Suppliers

Through recent years we have established reliable relationships with factories and main suppliers. There is know-how and good experience of key end-to-end processes such as manufacturing, purchasing and shipping etc.

Just for you to know: many business are offering products which they buy through a network of distribution channels, other suppliers or perhaps from the same factories. Now you can buy it from the same factory, and we like to help you with that. the main difference is: you will know what the factory prices is and we just ad a percentage as a management fee. We show you further in a calculation, it is definitely worth it!

We have adopted effective ways in research of business contacts in countries such as China and others in the far east. Our focus is currently in China, as it has been developing its economy so fast and is continuing growing and changing.

How do we work

We can be your business partner, as we believe that results are just better and when both parties are satisfied, we both want this to continue. We will represent you and your demands and we will make sure that the whole production and process is done correctly and in a timely manner.

We will arrange from sketch to finish your project in close cooperation with you. From information inquiry to advising a shortlist of suitable options. We will give you options of several manufacturers and visit them at the right time.

Quality control on location, with direct feedback to the project manager. Overall planning, production and shipping lead-times and selecting the best shipping forwarding company at that specific time. Correct coding of paperwork. We know how it works, we have done if before.

Buy straight from Factories?

You want to buy also directly from factories? We can help you with this. You can save enormous on your purchasing prices, because there is no middle man or other distributors anymore. Imagine what that will save you.

We don’t purchase ourselves, we help you buy it directly. That is the key difference. You buy your own products, we help you arranging everything.

Save on purchasing costs

Our mission is to save dramatically in purchasing costs for our clients by acting on their behalf directly with the manufacturers instead of using their existing distribution suppliers.

What you pay now for your products can be a lot lower if you buy it straight from the factory. but as many people know it is possible, they don’t know how it is done.